Celebrating Values-Based Design at Fairborn Intermediate School

Building functional, flexible educational spaces requires architects and designers to perfect their problem-solving skills to prioritize and balance countless factors that contribute to (or sometimes complicate) the process. Student and educator needs, building guidelines and municipal regulations, school schedules, strict budgets and timelines…all of these play into the successful design and construction of a school.

But there is another key factor to consider throughout every stage of planning, designing and building: Values. Indeed, this is one area in which SHP excels; our team is distinctly skilled at identifying our clients’ core values and incorporating them into the building design.

This values-based approach helped guide our work during the design and construction of Fairborn City School District’s new educational buildings, as highlighted at the recently opened intermediate school. Keeping the values of the end users at the forefront helped us create spaces that are more than just functional, but meaningful and reflective of the district’s overall identity.

Learn more about our values-based design for Fairborn Intermediate School in our latest case study.