Employee Spotlight: Karen Holtman, Senior Marketing Manager

An experienced industry resource.

“Do it right the first time… as you may not get a second chance.”

Judging by her 27-year history at SHP — and status as an experienced industry resource — this is a principle senior marketing manager, Karen Holtman, not only believes in, but lives by.

As you might imagine, serving as a senior marketing manager makes Karen responsible for, well, marketing. More specifically, her tenure and experience with SHP means she’s built relationships, reputation and SHP’s portfolio of excellence across each of our studios: education, workplace and community.

“The best part of my job is winning new projects… and then seeing those projects successfully delivered.”
– Karen Holtman, Senior Marketing Manager

That pride is reflected in Karen’s service outside of the firm. Throughout her career, she has volunteered her time and talents to the marketing community writ large. She currently serves as the marketing chair for the Greater Cincinnati Urban Land Institute and was the sponsorship and outreach chair for Cincinnati’s chapter of the Society of Marketing Professional Services. Both have been sources of inspiration and ongoing education as she continues honing her craft.

But don’t start thinking Karen is all work and no play — in fact, it’s just the opposite! When she isn’t working, Karen likes to hang with family and friends, as seen in this recent family photo. She also loves to eat good food and get outside as much as possible, whether it’s gardening, hiking or simply going for a walk.

“ I take great pride in my career and I feel so grateful for being in the position I am in today.”
– Karen Holtman, Senior Marketing Manager