Employee Spotlight: Dan Roberts, Business Development Manager


 “Fame is a vapor. Popularity, an accident and riches take wing. The only thing that endures is your character.”

This quote is a famous one but seems to fit SHP’s very own education specialist for business development, Dan Roberts, to a tee.

Dan has been known around the office to drop whatever he is doing to help a colleague, he is always offering advice to younger team members, and he simply works to make his coworkers’ lives a little bit easier. In his position, Dan is responsible for building trust and positive, productive relationships with current and prospective clients, all with a smile on his face!

“Dan is one of those people who you just get the sense that he is really listening to you, and he hears you when you speak with him,” said SHP President Lauren Della Bella. “He’s a genuine guy with an awesome work ethic. I love having him on our side.”

Before beginning his career with SHP, Dan spent many years working in the Ohio school system as a coach, a teacher and even a superintendent. After moving on from the education world, Dan wanted to continue to forge his path that began with a passion for education. The result? Becoming our education specialist for business development. 

“I love that I can help school districts achieve their facilities goals,” said Dan “During my tenure as superintendent, I helped move our district from nine outdated, inefficient schools to one centralized campus, which helped us make significant academic advancement. Here, I helped SHP gain several clients in eastern Ohio, which was previously very difficult to attain.”

His goal as a professional, regardless of what company he’s working for or what his title is, has never wavered. He wants to help others achieve their dreams and be a stepping stone in that beautiful process. 

But when he is not hard at work, Dan enjoys spending time with his 1-year-old granddaughter, playing disc golf, writing stories and fishing in the creek behind his home!

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