Doug Maggied Celebrates 15 Years with SHP

“When I look back on my career, I hope people will say that I was honest with people.” 

Construction Field Representative Doug Maggied has a special place in our SHP heart. This self-described, “grouchy, picky old man,” celebrated his 15th anniversary with SHP in August 2021. 

While it is often said that the journey is greater than the destination, for Doug, the opposite is true. 

“Seeing the end results of a project and the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of the end users as they enter the new facility is by far the best part of my job,” said Doug. 

In his current role, Doug spends his days interfacing with customers, clients and contractors to ensure their needs are being met. He is in constant communication with SHP clientele and works to provide the quality outcomes that he would expect if the project were his own.

In addition to bringing an eye for quality and perfection, Doug understands first-hand the demands and pressures SHP’s Education studio clients face. He spent 20 years on the Board of Education for Hilliard City School District and served 23 years on the board of the Tolles Career and Technical Center. 

Though he has accomplished a great deal in his career, his true loyalties lie with his loved ones. 

“Of course, I will look back fondly on all that I have achieved through my work, but the most important aspect in my world is my lifelong marriage to my wife,” said Doug.  “Followed closely by the outstanding sons I have raised.”

When not hard at work, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, farming, tending to his bees, camping and simply being outdoors, as evidenced by this photo. “Blue skies, shining for me. Nothing but blue skies, all I see,” Doug replied when asked about this photo. Now does that sound like a grouchy old man to you?! We thought not…

“Blue skies, shining for me. Nothing but blue skies, all I see.”
– Doug Maggied, Construction Administrator