Employee Spotlight: Leanne Merz, Mechanical Designer


Leanne Merz is a mechanical designer at SHP and has held this position for over four years. Leanne has spent most of her career in the architectural industry and acquired a great deal of valuable experience co-oping for multiple architectural firms while in college at the University of Cincinnati.

  “I spent several years in the field before coming to SHP and that experience was essential for my development because it prepared me for the career path I am on today,” said Leanne. “It not only taught me specifics about architecture and the industry itself, but also about deadlines, being punctual and everything in between. I will always be grateful for that experience.”

Today, she is responsible for the design and operation of building control systems, including heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics for various SHP clients and projects. 

“Leanne is an intelligent and hardworking professional who is truly loved by everyone she works with,” says SHP President Lauren Della Bella. “Not to mention, she’s got a smile that will light up a room!”

In her free time, Leanne can be found hiking, rock climbing, or traveling, with her family. 

“My family is my pride and joy,” says Leanne. “I lean on them for support both mentally and emotionally. I don’t know where I would be without them.”


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