Employee Spotlight: Steve Tossey, Senior Mechanical Engineer


“Old guy with lots of experiences.” (His words, not ours!)

Steve Tossey SHP headshot“Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.” This is a sentiment shared by both Albert Einstein and SHP’s very own senior mechanical engineer, Steve Tossey. And, as they say, great minds think alike.

In his six years at SHP, Steve has led some of our most memorable projects to date. Today, he is responsible for designing deceptively and beautifully simple HVAC systems and ensuring that they will meet the quality standard that has been established by SHP. 

“Steve is one of our most reliable and dependable engineers,” said Lauren Della Bella, SHP president. “His zestful attitude and his natural curiosity make him extremely creative, which is a skill that is important for the problem solving our engineers do every day — and makes him a joy to work with, which is essential.”

Ask about the latest engineering trends and research, and you’ll find Steve is very in-the-know. He stays abreast of how the industry is evolving, including turning to trusted resources like The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), new product showcases and successful projects and best practices from other industry leaders. 

Good engineers borrow; great engineers steal — I’m paraphrasing Igor Stravinsk — is a mantra I live by,” said Steve. “ I have no problem with taking ideas from others, or others taking ideas from me, because that kind of collective innovation is how we, as humans, typically yield the greatest results.”

Continuing to be inspired by others and generate positive results drives Steve, and will until the day he retires. (Though we certainly hope that isn’t any time soon!) His goal: improve upon the world and people’s lives in a way that will be realized for years to come. Steve hopes to look back at the end of his career and know that his generation has raised the consciousness of the profession with respect not only to efficient HVAC design, but also the total enhancement of human wellbeing.

Steve Tossey wedding gift

When he is not at the office, Steve likes to spend his days traveling and improving his own home. Music and dance also hold a special place in Steve’s heart, because it is a subtle, personal, reminder of how he and his wife met and began their lives together. 

“This was a wedding gift from my wife’s brother to us,” said Steve.  “It is a fine celebration of how we met, and the traditional music that brought us together.”

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