Cruising Down Innovation Road: A Consolidated Workspace for Tire Discounters

When Tire Discounters, the eighth largest independent and automotive service retailer in the U.S., decided to create a new consolidated headquarters, they turned to SHP’s Workplace studio.

They wanted a contemporary workspace that would facilitate more fluid communication and collaboration across multiple, previously physically disconnected business functions. The end-goal: even better customer service, one of the brand’s hallmarks. Having been founded here in 1976, Tire Discounters also wanted to honor its Cincinnati roots.

So they purchased a 100-year-old, 32,684-square-foot historic building in Cincinnati’s central business district. Then we cut a six-story hole in the middle of it.

Okay, it didn’t quite go like that. But to deliver a design to acknowledge Tire Discounters’ proud past, SHP was particularly focused on its future—including how the future of work at the company’s 135 retail locations impacts the future of work at its headquarters.

You can read more about this project in our latest case study: Cruising Down Innovation Road. Included in our write-up: the six-story floating staircase that, symbolically, says to all who work there that they are connected, part of the same brand, the same vision, the same customer-focused team.