From Around the Web: Libraries are Magical

We’ve shared before our thoughts on libraries: they’re essential to schools and communities as a nexus of collaboration and lifelong learning. As architects, designers and engineers, we can’t help but see the beauty in form and function showcased by so many libraries. Libraries are a cultural time capsule. Just as the contents of a library house the discourse and knowledge of generations past and present,  the structures themselves preserve a moment in time that stands proudly within a community.

In fact, in a world that can sometimes feel disparate and divisive, a community library is a beacon of light. It’s an accomplishment of collaboration and togetherness that stands for generations. A community library is a literal, visible representation of neighbors coming together to build something that will stand to help everyone. People with different backgrounds, approaches and beliefs came together to make every library a reality. That’s true beauty.

So we had to share this collection of photos of libraries from around the world with inspiration and optimism at what communities can accomplish when they work together.