SHP Considered for Two SXSWedu 2019 Panels

The SHP team is no stranger to attending and presenting at SXSWedu, the nation’s preeminent conference and festival for educational innovation. And in 2019, we’re hoping to return not just as attendees but as panelists.

Two SHP-led presentations are currently being considered for SXSWedu. Acceptance would allow us to share the work we’ve done in local communities at a global level, and is an opportunity to continue to share the importance of innovation in education spaces. But we need your help to get there! Proposals are currently being considered through up- and down-voting by the community at large. If you believe in what we do (and we hope you do!), help us spread the message by giving both of our proposals an “up-vote!”

Today’s Project? Design Your New Schools

Shifts to project-based and personalized learning require schools that are dynamic, engaging and support student-driven education. As Winton Woods City School District has implemented project-based learning, SHP has helped plan new facilities with an educational visioning method that allows students, parents, teachers and administrators to come together to plan a school that meets today’s goals and tomorrow’s needs.

This panel, which will feature SHP’s educational visioning thought leader Jeff Parker and Senior Interior Designer Jenny Gallow. Together, with representatives from Winton Woods, they will explore how the district incorporated student perspectives in its new facility designs through visioning exercises with an emphasis on helping panel attendees incorporate the steps into their next project.



Using Data Analytics to Pass Voter Referendums

School districts in 37 states depend on voter referendums for financing but can struggle to pass the necessary levies because they fail to identify, reach and motivate the voters. But analyzing readily available public data can identify missing voters, recognize trends and even predict voter turnout. This case study will focus on how three school districts (rural, suburban and urban) used public info to target potential voters and successfully pass $500+ million in operating levies.

This panel will feature Fil Anastasio and Shea McMahon, the leaders of our data analytics operations, and will explain how school districts can use some of the same data that powers national election campaigns to help garner support and enthusiasm for school ballot initiatives.