Meet Our Thought Leaders: Brady Mick, Workplace Learning

Director of Strategic Design, Workplace, Brady Mick has a storied career in the industry of architecture, design and learning spaces for corporate clients that spans three decades. Brady joined SHP in the Spring of 2018 and immediately made a name for himself as a deep thinker and strategic mind.

SHP Director of Strategic Design, Workplace, Brady Mick leads an ideation session.

Director of Strategic Design, Workplace, Brady Mick joined SHP in May 2018.

What first attracted you to SHP?

Simply put, “learning” attracted me to SHP. My best days are when a new idea hits me aside my head and I can think about something different. The culture of SHP is built on human behaviors of learning.

What originally attracted you to the industry?

In 6th and 7th grade I was excelling in both math and art. I recall my art teacher telling me in 8th grade that this combination was “strange,” and that I should “become an architect.” I never looked back from there.

What would you do if you weren’t an architect and designer?

Difficult question. Most likely I would be a full-time teacher of some sort. I wonder… if I lived in Greece circa 500 B.C. I believe I would have been a philosopher. If I lived about 1000 A.D. in Europe I would have retreated to a monastery to transcribe ancient texts. If 1490 in Italy I would have tried to apprentice with DeVinci. If 1920 I would have tried to work with Niels Borh and his school in the exploration into quantum mechanics. I believe this is the best time to be working in the full view of history.

If you could work on any project in the world—no holds barred—what would it be and why?

I dream of working on a “future of work” project that includes multiple industries, multiple constituents and multiple influencers. The more complex the better. I imagine this as a ‘think tank’ team with the goal to imagine the behaviors, belief systems and leadership practices of people working in workplaces 20 years in the future. I wish for this process to be open domain in approach where all ideas and results are shared actively across social networks.

When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Read books from my personal library. Think. Write. Garden. Renovate my 100 year old home. Be with my kids. See interesting things; in Cincinnati, the region, the US, or hopefully elsewhere in the world sometime soon.