Opportunities of Landscape in the K-12 Environment

Ed Melvin

Landscape design comprises much more than just grass and trees, shrubbery and flower beds. In fact, landscape design offers the opportunity to reduce costs, allow for a better environment and contribute to the educational mission of the district. In March, I was lucky enough to present at a webinar hosted by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. In it, I shared insights on how to effectively use landscape and outdoor spaces to contribute to a facility’s broader goals and purpose. This included:

  • Understanding LEED in landscape design;
  • The difference between environmental management and maintenance;
  • How outdoor spaces contribute to social understanding;
  • Learning and landscapes: The convergence of outdoor classrooms and STEAM curriculum.

Take a look through the slides to get an idea—and perhaps even a bit of inspiration—on the broad range of opportunities that are available for outdoor spaces of all types.

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