This Election Day, and Always, Every Vote Counts


By Jerry Clark, former Superintendent of Piqua City Schools in Piqua, Ohio and current Business Development Manager at SHP.

While most people are glad to see the 2016 election cycle come to a close, there is one aspect we all can agree on: this election has energized voter participation.  During my 45 years of working in Ohio schools, I was involved in dozens of school campaigns and understand the “every vote counts” battle cry. Two experiences particularly come to mind.

I chaired a levy campaign as a volunteer in my home district several years ago. Election night we learned that the levy had lost by 3 votes.  However, during the night, 5 votes from a family who resided in a border county yet in our school district had been transferred to our count.  There were five voters in that house and each had voted in favor.  Instead of losing by 3, our levy passed by 2.

During my time as superintendent, my district lost a levy by 7 votes.  The close call resulted in a recount.  The recount moved the count 4 votes closer.  Instead of losing by 7 votes, we lost by 3.

I’m sure every school official can tell a similar story. These close calls truly demonstrate that “every vote counts.”  My hope is that everyone exercises their right and privilege to vote, not only in this election, but always.

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