One of the on-air, news, talk show spaces designed specifically for the needs of the Chicago office.
SHP had to assess the specific technological needs of each area before committing to a design.
Spacious windows in the Chicago office not only allow for sufficient natural light, but also connect the office to the city atmosphere.

Cumulus Media

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

Since 2008, SHP has had the opportunity to work with one of the country’s largest radio broadcasting companies on projects in multiple cities, including Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, San Francisco and Atlanta. Each project reflects the corporate culture, but also considers the specific needs of each client.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • The Cincinnati space includes private offices and open layout, five on-air studios and three production studios, lobby, workroom and flexible break-out areas for collaboration and team meetings.
  • During construction, the project scope grew from three stations due to the client’s recent acquisition. SHP was able to quickly revise the documents to meet the client’s growth needs.
  • The Dallas space includes a high-profile studio for live sporting events; 15 on-air, news, talk shows; and five production studios.

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